Funeral Plan

Group Scheme Funeral Insurance
Admincure provides innovative funeral cover solutions for group schemes. Our standard benefit includes a predetermined amount of funeral cover for the principal member, as well as their eligible spouse, children and extended family.
Commuter Cover
Commuter Cover will pay out if you die or are disabled as result of a commuting-related accident as a non- professional driver, passenger or pedestrian.
Traditional Scheme Funeral Cover
At Admincure we fully understand the dynamics of the African family structures, where a person has to lend a helping hand to extended family members, neighbors or even church members who are a bit disadvantaged. Lantern Holdings provides Funeral Insurance for Extended families.
Burial Repatriation Benefit
Provides transport for the deceased from a funeral home to a place of burial of choice-anywhere in South Africa. If needed it also pays for a family member to travel with the deceased and covers overnight accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Funeral Cover?

Funeral cover is there to relieve the financial burden of the family when a loved one passes away. Our funeral insurance policy, offered specifically in Africa, ensures a cash payout within 24 to 48 hours of a death in order to cover the costs associated with a dignified funeral which offers friends and family the closure they need.

What is a waiting period?

The standard funeral cover waiting periods are as follows. In the case of death due to natural causes, you will need to wait six months. In the case of death resulting from unnatural causes, your funeral cover is valid after receipt of your first premium. In the event of suicide or attempted suicide, the waiting period for your funeral cover will be 24 months.

Can changes be made to my funeral policy?

Yes, you are welcome to make amendments to your policy, although they are subject to specific terms and conditions. You can add or remove dependents or extended family members, increase or decrease the amount of cover you require and you can request to take out additional value-add products and services.

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