Admincure Solutions started out as a brokerage during October 2009 selling funeral insurance like any other broker. Within our fifth year of existence we saw the opportunity to help funeral businesses with their admin on long term insurance . Little did we know at the time that those were truly the baby steps of what we do today.

Getting to know the industry from a marketing perspective certainly prepared us to have a better understanding of what is required from us as an administrator.
We believe that clients will always use service as a measure to select which broker to use. The challenge we face however is that insurers will always use call centres to service funeral insurance brokers and the level of service is not always what we expect as service providers.

With competent staff Admincure currently uses various inhouse developed systems to help us provide a high standard of
service for more than 30 funeral business nationally from our service centre in Pretoria.

After years of working with most major insurers we eventually became a single insurer administrator in order to build a stronger working relationship with one of the fast growing insurers in the country. The volume of our collective premium combined with good profitability puts us in good stand with our current insurers .


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